Strait Support Pty Ltd is a 100% Indigenous owned and managed company with a focus on increasing Indigenous participation in the workforce and growing capability in the Torres Strait region. With offices in Cairns, Thursday Island and Darnley Island in the Torres Strait, Strait Support is very well positioned to support any civil construction projects required in the Far North Region. 

We do this through engaging with reputable companies to become a project partner offering various levels of support. Whether it is assisting with supplying Indigenous labour, coordinating training requirements, or managing and staffing entire projects, Strait Support provide a personalised service that works for you.

Strait Support was established in 2016 to address the lack of genuine, sustainable employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander jobseekers. The mission is to connect Indigenous jobseekers with Queensland businesses through short term employment engagements to suit the individual business needs.

Strait Support collaborates with private organisations, Local Councils, Queensland and Federal Government Departments, to provide a structured pathway to ongoing employment success. These partnerships with Strait Support assist organisations to achieve compliance requirements for Indigenous employment and training criteria. 

Strait Support assists, supports, mentors and grows the jobseekers to have the confidence and skills to maintain or ultimately gain permanent employment on their own.

Strait Supports key points of difference are:

  • Strait Support Mentors working alongside employees on the job, providing support, guidance and clarity on scope of works and client expectations
  • Flexibility to adapt scope of works to suit your individual business needs-whatever that may look like
  • Experienced and familiar with working in remote locations
  • 100% Indigenous owned and operated business that is genuinely focused on improving outcomes for their own people