The Indigenous Economic Opportunity Plan (IEO Plan) is an extension of the current Queensland Government Building and Construction Training Policy.

The IEO Plan is designed to maximise local employment, training and business supply opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders in connection with the eligible building and construction projects.

There are two categories of Indigenous projects under this Training Policy.

Eligible projects located in an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community and the Township of Weipa

Eligible projects located throughout the rest of Queensland selected as Indigenous projects

The reporting for the Training Policy essentially requires for three criteria to be met; they are summarised as follows:

  1. KRA1 – Indigenous Employment and Training
  2. KRA2 – Engagement of Indigenous businesses (for the most part such businesses must be listed on Black Business Finder)
  3. KRA3 – Engagement of businesses from a local geographical area

Many civil and construction companies find the compliance requirements for meeting the Indigenous Economic Opportunities Plan (IEOP) to be extensive. Strait Support can take care of recruitment, training, management, mentoring and reporting requirements of Indigenous staff employed under the IEO Plan.

Allowing Strait Support to provide your business with quality Indigenous staff, your business will meet the criteria in KRA1 (provision of Indigenous employees and training), KRA2 (engagement of local indigenous business i.e. Strait Support) and depending on the location of the job, may also meet KRA3.

Meeting the KRA reporting requirements will enable the financial incentives outlined within the IEOP contract, however the major benefit in using the model outlined above is that your business will be involved with the creation of employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians. These workplace and upskilling opportunities provide such employees sustainability and continuity of employment.

For more information regarding the IEOP, refer to the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships website.